Group Size
3 - 6 Monthw
Skill Level
Beginner - Advanced
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Course Description

English language Basic and Advanced

English language courses covers begining, intermidiate and advanced level of speeking, reading and writing in english, including grammer and lecturatiure skills. They are normally taken as a part of full digree programm related to english.

Most traditional short hand system use a phonetic representation of a word as a apposed to the way it is spelled. English spelling has 50 speech sounds and 26 letters to represent them.

Here are the issues you will face learning symbols - based short hand. First, all short hand systems based on a assigning a unique outline to a specific word and require a concederable time to memorize 10z of 1000z of outlines. Second, a large number of short hand outlines demands constant practice ona daily basis to remember All Memorized symbolsincluding the ones the you hav't use but you might use them in the future. Third, Depending on the forms and thickness of symblos it might translate to different meaning and transcription offen represent a problem. Fourth, symbol - based short hand system cannot be used with a computer.

Course Outline

English Language
  • Introduction
  • Course Introduction
  • Researching Tools
  • Organizing and Styling
  • Writing practice and improvement
  • Pronunciation for spoken language
  • Grammer and vocabulary skills
  • Reading comprehension
  • Analytical interpretation
  • Words Classes, Noun Classes, Phrases
  • The noun Phrase, Determiners
  • Verb Classes, the Verb phrase finiteness
  • Tanse, Aspect and time; Verb complementation; Voice; Multi-Word Verbs
  • Noun Clauses
  • Problamatic Pronouns: SWMAN and det
  • Relative clauses
  • Word Order
  • Clause Elements
  • Types of Clauses, Sentance Structure
  • Debate
  • Speech
  • Revison
  • Test
Short Hand Writing
  • Basic Guides
  • Introducing Teelines
  • The teeline alphabets
  • Joining latters
  • Removal o unnecessary letters
  • Position of writing
  • Punctuation
  • Write shorthand using correct techniques
  • Read and write short hand notes
  • write short hand at optimum speed (min 60wpm) with manimum 98‰ accuracy
  • Produce transcripts of short hand notes
  • Exercise
  • Test


Eveline Fischer
Event Speaker

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