Web Development Essentials

Course Description:

The Web Development Essentials course offers comprehensive training in fundamental web development technologies and tools. Participants will gain practical skills in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, and WordPress, enabling them to create visually appealing and functional websites. This course is suitable for beginners or individuals looking to expand their knowledge in web development.

Course Outline:

Introduction to Web Development

Understanding the basics of the web and how websites work
Exploring different types of websites and their purposes
Overview of web development technologies and tools

HTML Fundamentals

Structure of an HTML document
Working with HTML tags, attributes, and elements
Creating links, lists, tables, and forms
Adding multimedia content (images, audio, video)
Semantic HTML and best practices

CSS Styling

Introduction to CSS and its role in web design
Applying CSS styles to HTML elements
Working with selectors, properties, and values
Box model and layout techniques
CSS3 features (transitions, animations, gradients)
Responsive Web Design with


Introduction to responsive design principles
Overview of the Bootstrap framework
Building responsive layouts using Bootstrap’s grid system
Utilizing Bootstrap components (navigation, forms, buttons)
Customizing and extending Bootstrap styles

PHP Programming Basics

Introduction to PHP and server-side scripting
Variables, data types, and operators
Control structures (conditionals, loops)
Working with arrays and functions
Handling user input and form data

WordPress CMS Development

Introduction to WordPress and its features
Installing and configuring WordPress
Working with themes and templates
Creating and managing pages, posts, and menus
Extending WordPress with plugins
Database Integration and Dynamic Websites
Introduction to MySQL databases
Connecting PHP with MySQL
Executing database queries and retrieving data
Building dynamic web pages
Creating user registration and login functionality
Web Development Best Practices and Project Deployment
Optimizing web pages for performance and accessibility
Testing and debugging web applications
Deploying websites to a hosting server
Basic website security considerations
Building an online portfolio of web projects

Note: The course duration, depth of coverage, and specific examples may vary depending on the training provider or institution. The above outline provides a general overview of the key topics typically covered in a Web Development Essentials course.